Grant assistance lends a helping hand for Snake Valley residents

By 11/12/2020 June 7th, 2021 News

The 2018/2019 annual Community Grants Program run by the Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) is having lasting impacts in the Snake Valley community. 10 households received financial assistance to control their gorse and a recent visit to a selection of the sites by the Communications, Community Engagement and Extension Officer (CCEO), Brydie Murrihy, shows the continued commitment and dedication of the participants.

The Landcare group applied for a large grant that aimed to increase the community’s capacity to be actively engaged in long-term gorse control. To achieve this the participants were provided with current information on the economic, social, and environmental impacts of having gorse. The grant funded approximately 16 hectares of gorse across the remnant forests and paddocks of participants. A key partnership in the project was with the Pyrenees Shire Council who worked closely with the Landcare group to undertake gorse control on roadsides adjoining properties involved in the program.

One property owner in the program was former Snake Valley & District Land Protection Group member, Sue Mudford. Sue’s property had approximately 2 hectares of thick, mature gorse growing on fence lines and into paddocks. The gorse had been on the property for over 15 years, so a long-term concentrated effort was needed. Old, mature plants were along the adjoining roadsides and within the Snake Valley area. “This was a very big job which required continuous effort and commitment from us to reduce the infestation,” Sue explained to Brydie. Sue was able to manage approximately 50% of the infestation with the grant assistance from the VGT. It was clear from the property visit almost two years later that Sue has reduced her gorse infestation to a few small patches and is now very confident she will maintain control of her gorse.

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