Partnering up: Melbourne Water and the VGT dip into gorse management together

By 18/12/2020 June 7th, 2021 News

The Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) has created a new online resource for any participant of a Melbourne Water program that has gorse on their property. The flyer details the legal obligations of having gorse in the Melbourne Water operating area, describes the negative impacts of having gorse and explains the control methods strengths and weaknesses in a snapshot.

The idea for tailored resources came after the VGT wanted to align their goals for the future of gorse management in Victoria with other key stakeholders and public land managers. This promotes an integrated approach to gorse management and demonstrates a shared responsibility between all public stakeholders to stop the spread of gorse in their operating areas. Melbourne Water has several programs that promote weed control to improve the quality of waterways across Victoria and the VGT was able to support this effort when it came to gorse management through an educational flyer.

“It’s been fantastic to collaborate with a major stakeholder such as Melbourne Water to ensure we bring a unified approach to gorse management across the state,” explains Brydie, the VGT Communications, Community Engagement and Extension Officer. The partnership with Melbourne Water is one the VGT plans to strengthen in 2021 and is an opportunity to continue to grow partnerships with other key stakeholders as well.

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