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December 2018

Atlas Of living Australia – Successful Applicants Announced

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Is your group passionate about management invasive species or are you interested in local biodiversity?

The Atlas of Living Australia is a free National citizen science mapping portal developed by the CSIRO. It that can be used to map, not only the distribution of gorse and other invasive species, but also the native biodiversity that shares the same ecosystem.

The Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) would like to formally congratulate the 6 successful applicants from the recently run Expression of Interest for the opportunity to receive funding to host forums on the Atlas of Living Australia in Victoria in early 2019.

The successful groups are:

  • Indigo Shire Council
  • Bass Coast Landcare Network
  • Hepburn Shire Council
  • City of Greater Geelong
  • Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group
  • Southwest Environmental Alliance

With funding provided under the National Agriculture White Paper Project, the successful grant recipients have the opportunity to host a series of forums to showcase the applications of the Atlas of Living Australia in on ground operations and in strategic project planning, presented by Mr. Peter Brenton.

If you are interested in learning about an exciting, free and easy to use application that is available, please contact one of the above organisations to register your interest. It will assist in building capability, skill and confidence in employees/the community in the various applications the Atlas of Living Australia and how it can assist your local community.

Tax deduction entitlements for Primary Producers undertaking weed management

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Did you know that if you are running a primary production business on land in Australia you can claim tax deductions for various weed control?

Not everyone does and this prompted Lisette Mill, Network Facilitator at Basalt To Bay Landcare Network and outgoing committee member of the Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT), to champion the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to produce a clear fact sheet.

Lisette noted that farmers were asking about grants that used to exist, including for weed control in areas that are not deemed to have waterway or biodiversity values of public significance.

‘I had heard about the Landcare tax incentives, but couldn’t find an easy guide on the ATO website,’ said Lisette. ‘When I contacted them I was lucky to be passed on to the Director of Small Business and within 3 weeks of having a chat they had produced a fact sheet to explain what farmers could claim to establish shelterbelts, and my partnership with the ATO commenced.’

Since January 2017, four fact sheets have been created covering tree farming/forestry operations, Landcare and similar expenses, shelterbelts and fire preparedness. These fact sheets apply to any registered primary producer for tax purposes anywhere in Australia and can be found on the Basalt to Bay website here.

The most relevant fact sheet for the purposes of noxious weed control is entitled ‘Landcare and similar expenses for primary producers’. The fact sheet clearly outlines entitlement to claim income tax deductions for both capital costs and revenue expenses you incur on landcare, riparian and similar operations, including works for woody weed control.

The ‘Landcare and similar expenses for primary producers’ fact sheet and additional resources on gorse control can be found on the Gorse Management section of the VGT website.