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September 2018

Hepburn Extension area.

Extension Program commences in Hepburn

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The Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) have begun their second community extension program in the Hepburn Shire, focused around the townships of Blampied and Kooroocheang, in partnership with community groups, Hepburn Shire Council and the State Government of Victoria.

The extension program is aimed at raising awareness of the detrimental impacts of gorse and promotion of best practice management in Victoria through a community-led approach.The aim is to provide landowners with resources to confidently and voluntarily manage infestations of gorse on their property, as well as gain an understanding of the extent of gorse infestations in the region.

According to the Blampied Kooroocheang Landcare Group, the targeted region is traditionally a farming area that is seeing a shift towards smaller lifestyle blocks. New landowners may be unaware of the detrimental impacts of gorse and over-all weed management. An extension program is ideal to provide them with the advice needed to confidently manage gorse.

“A shift in land use can be positive and is an ideal time to target an extension program as it could lead to a reduction in gorse in the region,” said Heidi Snow, Communications, Community Engagement and Extension Officer for the VGT. “But this will only be achieved if the whole community gets on board.”

There have been a number of gorse control works in the area in recent times, including programs administered by the Blampied Kooroocheang Landcare Group utilising funding from the VGT and other sources to tackle gorse on private land. Additionally, Hepburn Shire Council have reviewed their roadside weed management plan and are undertaking control works.

“The extension program is timely as it is being coordinated with Hepburn Shire’s roadside weed control”, said Brian Bainbridge, Biodiversity Officer at Hepburn Shire Council. “This will reinforce the outcomes of both programs”.

Landholders within the target area have been offered free property assessments, which includes an aerial property map detailing  gorse infestations located on their property and tailored advice on gorse management. In addition to letters, the VGT also attended the Daylesford Sunday Market to promote the program to the wider community.

Landholders are encouraged to contact Heidi Snow, VGT Extension Officer, on 0428335705 or, to be a part of this valuable community project.

Additional resources on gorse control can be found on the Gorse Management section of the VGT website.